The Dickinson Police Department Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is supervised by a detective sergeant and staffed by four detectives. Those selected for assignment to CID are chosen for their knowledge, skills, and abilities they exhibited as patrol officers and for their desire to work in the field of criminal investigations. Along with handling regular case assignments, each officer develops specific areas of expertise.

All investigators are highly trained in such areas as interviewing, death investigations, forensics, crime scenes, fingerprinting, surveillance, and much more.

While the advances in forensic techniques you hear so much about on television are of great use, our most important asset is the concern, help, and good will of citizens who provide information about crimes and criminals. We could not solve a single case without their help!

In the summer of 2010, Detective Sergeant Kylan Klauzer became a nationally certified polygrapher. He is now able to conduct polygraph (“lie detector”) tests for investigations and pre-employment purposes. The polygraph is a very sophisticated instrument that can detect even the most subtle changes in the body’s physiology. It will be a powerful tool when applied to criminal investigations.

Illegal drug activity is a primary concern of the department. A full-time narcotics officer is assigned to the Southwest Narcotics Task Force. The Stark County Sheriff’s Department also assigns one of its deputies to the Task Force. Together, the Task Force has been the strongest in years and continues to fight the war on drugs.

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Questions or Comments?

Comments and questions regarding the Criminal Investigations Division can be directed to Sergeant Kylan Klauzer at:

Phone: 701-456-7751 or email at Sgt. Kylan Klauzer.