On November 13th, 2020, Governor Burgum signed Executive Order 2020-43, and State Health Officer Dirk Wilkie issued Order # 2020-08 pursuant to North Dakota Century Code 23-01-05(12).  Both orders are attached.

The Dickinson Police Department is a community orientated police department that takes great pride in the working relationship and support we have garnered from our citizens throughout the years.  The Dickinson Police Department will continue to build on these relationships and work in unison to face the public health and safety challenges ahead.

The Dickinson Police Department will take a sensible, discretionary approach related to the enforcement of these Orders, weighing heavily on the educational aspect of policing while taking the totality of each specific circumstance into account.

The health, safety, and welfare of our community is our number one concern.  We will do our part to keep the community safe and we ask for everyone to work with us in taking a common sense, respectful approach to achieving this goal.


Thank You,


Chief Dustin Dassinger



Executive Order 2020-43