In January of 2007, the Dickinson Police Department assigned the first-ever School Resource Officer to the Dickinson Public School District. In the wake of the Columbine tragedy, many law enforcement agencies realized the importance of being proactive in the school environment. Thus, the department and school district worked together to develop the School Resource Program.

Senior Patrol Officer Ron Van Doorne is currently the department's School Resource Officer. He concentrates his efforts between the high schools and the junior high, though he will also have a presence at the elementary schools. Some of his duties include resolving student conflicts, processing status crimes occurring on school property, and having a presence at after school activities such as dances and athletic programs.

During the summer months, SPO Van Doorne is involved in many of the city's summer youth programs. He is also in charge of the community programs throughout the year.


Questions or Comments?
Comments and questions regarding the School Resource Program can be directed to Senior Patrol Officer Ron Van Doorne at
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