The Bike Patrol has been a component of the Patrol Division at the Dickinson Police Department for almost 10 years. There are currently 4 bikes that the bike patrol uses: 2 Trek's, 1 Smith & Wesson, and 1 GT. Starting in the summer of 2005, the bike patrol now has the availability to use patrol cars in addition to riding bike. Officers attach a removable bike rack to the trunk of a patrol vehicle. This allows the officer to ride bike and still respond to calls over a longer distance.

There are currently 8 officers serving with the bike patrol. They ride for special events, such as Roughrider Days, softball tournaments, and parades. With the recent addition of patrol car availability for the bike patrol, officers will now ride beyond the scope of special events and incorporate the bike patrol into normal shifts throughout the summer months.


Advantages of Bike Patrol: