Feb 17, 2014

DPD 2013 Annual Report

The Dickinson PD releases its 2013 Annual Report.

Dickinson PD has just released its 2013 Annual Report, which will presented at tomorrow night's city commission meeting.

Although some statistic may initially seem daunting, the department feels Dickinson continues to be a very safe community, and a model for the rest of the region on how to properly manage growth.

2013 was once again a busy year for the department, setting records for almost every measurable statistic. Calls for service, or CFS's, finished at just over 25,300. These can range from barking dog calls, to traffic stops, to burglaries, and any other call generated by a citizen or officer.

Two areas did see a very minor drop; DUIs and Minor in Consumptions. While it may be too early to tell, the department is hopeful that North Dakota's new DUI law may have contributed to the dropping of that statistic.

The Southwest Narcotics Task Force, in which DPD supplies one agent, continues to see a dramatic rise in the number of cases. Methamphetamine continues to be the most common narcotic that the task force investigates, although heroin and cocaine have been becoming more popular.

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The Dickinson PD remains convinced that our parternship with the community is our greatest asset, and is the main credit for the relativley low crime rate per capita. Dickinson has been faring much better than other oil communities, and the DPD will continue to strive to take a proactive, community-parternship approach to managing our city's growth. We thank each and every one of you for your continued support and assistance, and it is a pleasuring serving you!