Jan 28, 2014

Officer Promoted to Senior Patrol Officer

Officer Matthew Hanson was recently promoted to the rank of Senior Patrol Officer.

Officer Matthew Hanson was recently promoted to the position of Senior Patrol Officer at a ceremony at the Dickinson Law Enforcement Center. SPO Hanson was one of a field of candidates that applied for the internal opening and participated in a competitive interview process last month.

A Senior Patrol Officer serves as shift supervisor in the absence of the shift's Patrol Sergeant. In addition to that leadership role, a SPO is also tasked with managing different programs and functions within the department. SPO Hanson will serve on D-Shift beginning on November 25th.

SPO Hanson has been with the department for two years, and previously served for three years with the Stark County Sheriff's Department. He is a North Dakota native and with his wife, Nikki, has two children.